The Subtle Power of Solitude

Do this for a happier and peaceful life

Chun Hao
5 min readJun 6, 2022


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If I was asked to describe today’s society, I would say that it’s an epoch deluged with distractions.

We are all too distracted by the latest celebrity scoop. We are all too engrossed in social media — uh hrm, I’m talking about you, Tiktok. We are all too focussed on everything else besides ourselves.

Hence, I did something most will find weird.

A solo movie date — with my single-ass self.

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Just 2 weeks ago, I went out alone to watch the latest Marvel movie, “Multiverse of Madness”. I don’t mean to spoil anything, but they should mention that it was going to be a horror film somewhere in the trailer.

Usually, I will always have my friends by my side while watching a movie in a cinema. Not to forget, there’s always the occasional shoulder bump and chatters when something impressive or relatable appears on the screen — a wholesome experience with your peers.

This time around, I walked down the aisle to my seat with my large-sized popcorn. Yet, with no external grubby hands — besides mine — contaminating my popcorn, and being surrounded by strangers which I will find too awkward to talk to.

Did it feel weird?

Heck yea.

Was it worth it though?

You bet.

Oh, that’s not all.

Photo by Richard Iwaki on Unsplash

Afterward, I went out to eat at a restaurant alone. I bought my steamy, hot bowl of yakitori don and sat at a corner of the restaurant — with every customer within my sight. Seating at a vantage point allowed me to observe people and eavesdrop on their conversations.

Amidst the cacophony of noises, I managed to decipher the following observations:

Teenagers catch up with one another after school.



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